Privacy policy

Information according to article 13 of D.Lgs. June 30, 2003 no. 196. (Consolidated Act on personal data protection standards)

1. Information on privacy
We give below some information on how to manage the site with the aim of the protection of personal data.

2. Purpose of personal data use
The processing of data supplied by you will only be used for a correct and complete execution of the service requested.

3. Use of personal data
The processing of the data will be held on computer. Providing data is optional, refusal to provide such data could lead to failure or partial service. The owner of the data, given voluntarily and processed as a consequence of consultation of the site, is granted to the Association Choir and Folk Group SOT THE NAPE - P.IVA 02159200308, which is allowed to process the same data in order to optimize the site’s use as well as for the following purposes:
- To send, technical and / or trade information in both electronicor paper form.
- Promotional and / or marketing activities in paper and / or electronic form.
- Send price lists, catalogues, technical instructions, samples, etc...
- Carry out market researches.
- Draw up budgets and statistics.
The processing of the data is carried out on the available paper, computer and electronic supports and servers by the holder’s appointed staff (internal and external), including the staff of the Choral Group SOT LA NAPE, which uses the data to manage the site in the best way with IT procedures. The Choral Group SOT THE NAPE collects data about accesses and navigation within the site in order to allow the operation of services and of the required sections which need to identify the user. The gathered information is for the technical administration of the site and for statistical analysis on the use of the site. The Choral Group SOT LA NAPE uses global statistic data about traffic patterns, and other information related to the site, without distributing or communicating to third parties information regarding individual users. Any form of distribution or communication to third parties (except to appointed employees within the range of the declared purposes) is excluded.

4. Rights of users
Users may at any time verify the data and exercise all rights under Art. 7 of D.Lgs. N. 196/2003 (including the right to amend, update and delete) by sending an email to

5. Cookies
This site does not use so called persistent "cookies" of any kind, nor can trace IP addresses, nor avails itself of any other similar system to retrieve lasting trackingabout users. Other sites that could eventually link be "linked" by this site may contain tracking systems of which this site’s owner is unaware. It cannot be granted that such sites are fitted with suitable security systems designed to protect the data processed and prevent damage (for exampleby IT viruses).

6. Consensus and specific information
The site, for particular aims or for certain types of data, has been provided with apposite information and, where necessary, consent is required.

7. Site security measures
To manage the site,special security measures have been taken in order to to ensure safe access and to protect the information contained from the risk of losing or damaging the data. The antivirus software used in the management of the site is updated with dailyfrequency. Moreover, the Choral Group SOT LA NAPE while providing internal adoption of special antivirus systems, remember that, besides being this a legal requirement, it is appropriate for the user to equip his own workstation with a prevention and scan system against the virus attack.

8. Clarifications
Please note that this document constitutes the "Privacy Policy" section of this site and is therefore subjected to updates.