The Folk Vocal Group "Sot la Nape" was founded in 1959 to discover, maintain, enhance and spread the folk traditions of Friuli in its songs, music and dances. After an initial period, with performances in neighboring countries, "Sot the Nape" began to perform in more challenging shows and festivals and, in 1962, won the first prize at the national folklore competition "Golden Panther" in Lucca. After some performances in various Italian cities, "Sot la Nape" has started several concert tours abroad. It is worth mentioning some cities and some Nations: Turin, Milan, Venice, Bologna; Bolzano, Rome, Florence, L'Aquila, France, Switzerland, Spain; Croatia, Macedonia, Poland, Luxembourg, Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Canada, The USA, Venezuela, South Africa. Meanwhile the group has expanded its repertoire to Italian regional as well as to foreign sacred music and popular songs. "Sot la Nape" adheres to the following organizations: Alliance (F-CH-), Italian Folk Union, Friulian Folklore Groups Association, Friulian Choral Society Union.

events '12

24 March 2012
Cathedral Dome of Tolmezzo, Holy Mass for the association "Breast Operated Women" (ANDOS).
14-15 April 2012
Participation for the second year to the event "Su e Zo per i Ponti" in Venice.

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Sing: Every Thursday from 21:00
Dance: Every Monday or Tuesday from 20:30

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Executive council

Chairman:Paola Damiani
Vice- Chairman: Sonia Cecchini

Massimo Rugo
Alessandro Zuliani
Gianni Marmai
Luca Nogaro
Giovanni Puntel
Maestra : Enza Petris