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Founded, as already told, at the end of the fifties, the Folk vocal group "SOT la NAPE" had started its activity with modest performances in the town  and in neighboring villages. Growing in quality and commitment, with the slow step of the mountain dweller, the group has repeatedly extended the range of its shows, on the occasion of meetings and conferences of provincial, regional and national level. It represented Friuli, in 1962, at the food and wine regions fair in Turin and , In the same year, won the first prize in the competition of Italian Folklore in Lucca. Since then, transfers, even prestigious, have followed a relentless pace, in occasion of Festivals and high-level conferences (National Touristic Press Conference, World Congress of Municipal and Local  Police, etc.). The first exit abroad occurred in 1964, in the Netherlands, on the occasion of the thousand-year of the Catholic University of Utrecht, with the group also performing in Enschede, Luxembourg, Basel.

As well as in major Italian cities, the group’s history sees the band in several European and also non-Europeancountries. It should be noted the second prize at the international competition of Mountain Folklore of Zakopane, in 1968.  Since 1960, every 10th August the group organizes in Villa Santina, an International Folklore festival which has seenthe participation of groups coming from across Europe, but also fromCanada, Algeria, Israel, Mexico and Russia. The group has  recordedmany albums, audiotapes, videotapes, and CDs and has attended radio and television broadcasts.



11 December 2011
in Campoformido

Evening dedicated to Christmas songs

15 October 2011
in Comeglians

Choir Festival of Carnia’sVocal Groups

11 September 2011
Church of Cesclans di CavazzoCarnico

Homage to the poet SIRO ANGELI and presentation of a still not released piece taken from one of his lyrics.

05 May 2011
in Buttrio

In traditional costumes, singing and dancing at the wine feast of the three borders of Italy, Austria and Slovenia.

14 April 2011
in Villa Santina at the multipurpose center.

Presentation of the book “Canti”, Opening with songs accompanied by violin, guitar, bass and saxophone.

31 March 2011
at InvillinoChurch

Recording of a CD of Carnic choirs

22 November 2011
in Villa Santina

Holy mass in honor of Saint Cecilia.

01 October 2011
in Longarone (BL)

Participation to the DolomitiEXPO.

21 August 2011
in Resia

Participation with songs and dances to the ResianFrico Town festival.

29 April 2011
At Invillino Church

Recording of the last CD of songs  by Carnic choirs.

10 April 2011
In Venice

“su e giù per i ponti”, parades, songs and dances

23 January 2011
in Val Bruna

In traditional costumes, parade, dances and orchestra


27 November 2010
in Villa Santina

At Fior Hall in Villa Santina, concert by “ Sot la Nape”and “Villa Corus”.

7 November 2010
in Invillino

Church songs, Holy Mass in Invillinoand commemoration of the fallen soldiers.

15 October 2010
Tournée in the USA

Back in Villa Santina.

26 September 2010
in Valvasone

Day of the traditional costume of F.V.G. with parade and dances.

22 August 2010
in Caneva

In traditional costumes with songs and Holy Mass at S. Bartolomeo Church.

12 August 2010
in Tarvisio

Costumes parade, 4 couples a. orchestra.

23 July 2010
in Udine

At Uccellis university, costume show with dances and songs.

10 July 2010
in Ampezzo

At Ampezzo kindergarten, costume show with songs and dances.

2 June 2010
in Buja

Road feast of the groups, municipality balls.

8 May 2010
in Lauco

In traditional costume at the “Casa del Popolo” to introduce the “cardiovascularevening.

14 March 2010
in Udine

Show in traditional costumes at Santo Spirito church.

14 February 2010
in Villa Santina

Sung Mass not in costume for blood donors.

20 November 2010
in Ampezzo

Some songs and book presentation.

30 October 2010
in Lauco

in costume for “Note d'autunno” festival, “Sot la Nape”and “Coro della Foresta” Group.

6 October 2010
USA tour

Group’s departure for the USA to  Columbus in Ohio.

18 September 2010
in Villa Santina

Annual Group convention.

20 August 2010
in Forni di Sopra

in costume, dances and songs show.

10 August 2010
in Villa Santina

Sung Mass

18 July 2010
in Tolmezzo

in costume, “Borgat” town festival, parade with songs and dances.

6 July 2010
in Udine

Orchestra and dancers live broadcast on Telefriulichannel.

29 May 2010
in Carlino

Festival of costume choirs.

11 April 2010
in Tolmezzo

Holy Mass at the retirement home with costume show.

27 February 2010
in Ampezzo

At Ampezzo kindergarten, costume show..